Design and implement marketing initiatives to support sales and target key market segments across a variety of online and offline channels

Developing and reinforcing unique brand attributes

Establishing a series of key unique selling propositions to reinforce brand positioning and to meet the challenges of competitors.

Creating a brand personality with clear consistent voice and message across all channels.

Develop, implement and manage a unified communication strategy, both internal & external, that is consistent and reinforces brand objectives

Implement and maintain an effective brand management system both within the company and partners.

Align products and services to brand objectives/positioning.

Review and discuss relevant case studies from other airlines and related sectors.


 Strategy for marketing to direct and indirect sales channels.

Planning and running and effective e-marketing campaign.

Managing the marketing mix (including product, price, promotion, and place).

Create viral online and physical marketing campaigns based on case studies.

Effective strategies to manage negative public relations issues, including from social media in a 24/7 environment.

Techniques for creating cost effective creative marketing strategies and campaigns

Develop internal marketing processes and strategies to ensure all activities are aligned with organisational objectives.

Assess approaches and identify appropriate tactics to responding to competitor activity.

How to market differently throughout each stage of the customer lifecycle.

An analysis of a range of modern marketing tools, concepts and techniques.

Integrate activities across marketing channels to consolidate data and sales funnels.