We provide workshops involving your employees to improve collaboration and idea generation to devise strategic initiatives and support change

We can help you with

Customer experience and service design workshops

Mapping processes to the customer journey workshops

Innovation Lab to encourage innovative blue sky thinking

Merchandising & Ancilary Revenue design workshops 

Competitive strategy and competitor response workshops

Data and decision support design workshops

Clarity of the key factors affecting your competitive environment through a structured framework.

An overview of key the touchpoints in the customer journey and potential opportunities for optimisation.

Devise well managed strategies for long term planning and responding to competitor activity in the market, while remaining in line with company objectives.

Implement systems and processes to maximise opportunities to upsell/cross sell to customers through clearly defined distribution and merchandising strategies.  

Understand industry best practice and examples of innovation through studying a range of case studies.

Create and manage creative, cohesive marketing campaigns with measureable returns.

Create new and innovative solutions that can be implemented after the course.

Establish an environment where meetings and reports are focussed on actionable information in order to meet set targets and objectives.

Developing an effective marketing plan.

Effective strategies for implementing and monitoring the marketing plan.

Managing an effective market research program and applying to both the marketing and network planning process.

Identifying strategic sales targets through a better understanding of key buying influences.